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Go Pub LLC specializes in helping companies go public, access capital and manage markets. Our founders have extensive Wall Street knowledge and expertise with over 60 years combined experience navigating the complex and ever-changing land scape of finance and the markets.

How We Can Help YOU

Going Public

Go Pub LLC specializes in helping companies get public. We employ a proven formula assisting private companies becoming publicly-traded in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Traditional Initial Public Offerings (“IPO”s) are very expensive and time consuming. Reverse mergers are tricky due to potential pitfalls and surprises. Go Pub helps its clients go public through Regulation A+ with qualified professionals.  

Access to Capital

We assist you with everything from traditional fundraising to road shows, introducing investors and working with brokerage companies. We also help with planning and implementing an online crowd funding campaign. Go Pub has the experience and relationships to help you achieve your goals. 

Market Management

Company performance is the basis for long term value in the markets and necessary to have long term, sustainable success. Go Pub LLC will help focus on getting both Wall and Main Streets into the loop on what the Company is doing from the very start to ensure a growing and continuous following.  We will help to actively manage the public market side of the business to ensure proper share valuation and liquidity for all shareholders and partners. 

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